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What is Microsoft Copilot in Azure?

Microsoft Copilot in Azure (preview) is an AI-powered tool to help you do more with Azure. With Microsoft Copilot in Azure, you can gain new insights, discover more benefits of the cloud, and orchestrate across both cloud and edge. Copilot leverages Large Language Models (LLMs), the Azure control plane, and insights about your Azure environment to help you work more efficiently.


Microsoft Copilot in Azure (preview) is currently in PREVIEW. See the Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews for legal terms that apply to Azure features that are in beta, preview, or otherwise not yet released into general availability.

Microsoft Copilot in Azure can help you navigate the hundreds of services and thousands of resource types that Azure offers. It unifies knowledge and data across hundreds of services to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide deep insights. Copilot in Azure can help you learn about Azure by answering questions, and it can provide information tailored to your own Azure resources and environment. By letting you express your goals in natural language, Copilot in Azure can simplify your Azure management experience.

You can access Copilot in Azure in the Azure portal or through the Azure mobile app. Throughout a conversation, Copilot in Azure answers questions, generates queries, performs tasks, and safely acts on your behalf. It makes high-quality recommendations and takes actions while respecting your organization's policy and privacy. Copilot in Azure can access all of the resources that you have permission to access, and can take actions that you have permission to perform, with your confirmation required for any actions. For more information about what Copilot in Azure can do, see Capabilities of Microsoft Copilot in Azure.

Microsoft Copilot in Azure (preview) is made available to customers under the terms governing their subscription to Microsoft Azure Services, including the Microsoft Copilot in Azure section of the Microsoft Product Terms. Please review these terms carefully as they contain important conditions and obligations governing your use of Microsoft Copilot in Azure.

Manage access

By default, Copilot in Azure is available to all users in a tenant. However, Global Administrators can choose to control access to Copilot in Azure for their organization.

For more information, see Manage access to Microsoft Copilot in Azure.


In order to use Microsoft Copilot in Azure, your organization must allow websocket connections to Please ask your network administrator to enable this connection.

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