Enable serverless SQL warehouses

This article explains how to enable serverless SQL warehouses for your workspace.

Serverless SQL warehouses do not have public IP addresses. For more architectural information, see Azure Databricks architecture overview.


Tasks on this page require that you have owner or contributor permissions on the Azure Databricks workspace.


Configure Azure storage firewalls

If you use an Azure Storage firewall to protect access to Azure storage data sources, you must configure your firewall to allow access from the serverless compute nodes. See Configure a firewall for serverless compute access.


Serverless warehouses have the following limitations:

  • External Hive legacy metastores are not supported. See External Apache Hive metastore (legacy).
  • Cluster policies, including spot instance policies are not supported. See Create and manage compute policies.
  • The serverless compute plane for serverless SQL warehouses does not use the customer-configurable back-end Azure Private Link connectivity. The Azure Databricks control plane connects to the serverless compute plane with mTLS with IP access allowed only for the control plane IP address.
  • Although the serverless compute plane does not use the secure cluster connectivity relay that is used for the classic compute plane, serverless SQL warehouses do not have public IP addresses.
  • VNet Injection is not applicable.
  • Serverless SQL warehouses do not use customer-managed keys for managed disks. See Serverless compute and customer-managed keys.