Microsoft cloud security benchmark in Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud streamlines the process for meeting regulatory compliance requirements, using the regulatory compliance dashboard. Defender for Cloud continuously assesses your hybrid cloud environment to analyze the risk factors according to the controls and best practices in the standards that you've applied to your subscriptions. The dashboard reflects the status of your compliance with these standards.

The Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB) is automatically assigned to your subscriptions and accounts when you onboard Defender for Cloud. This benchmark builds on the cloud security principles defined by the Azure Security Benchmark and applies these principles with detailed technical implementation guidance for Azure, for other cloud providers (such as AWS and GCP), and for other Microsoft clouds.

Image that shows the components that make up the Microsoft cloud security benchmark.

The compliance dashboard gives you a view of your overall compliance standing. Security for non-Azure platforms follows the same cloud-neutral security principles as Azure. Each control within the benchmark provides the same granularity and scope of technical guidance across Azure and other cloud resources.

Screenshot of a sample regulatory compliance page in Defender for Cloud.

From the compliance dashboard, you're able to manage all of your compliance requirements for your cloud deployments, including automatic, manual and shared responsibilities.


Shared responsibilities is only compatible with Azure.

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