Sensitive information types supported by Microsoft Defender for Cloud

This article lists all sensitive information types supported by Microsoft Defender for Cloud (a subset of what's supported in Microsoft Purview). The following table links to each sensitive information type's description and whether the sensitive information type is scanned by default. The sensitivity settings page allows you to modify the default settings.


Custom information types from Microsoft Purview aren't scanned by default.

Sensitive information types

Sensitive information type name Is default in sensitivity settings?
ABA routing number YES
Amazon S3 Client Secret Access Key YES
Argentina national identity (DNI) number NO
ASP.NET machine Key YES
Australia bank account number NO
Australia business number NO
Australia company number NO
Australia drivers license number NO
Australia medical account number NO
Australia passport number NO
Australia tax file number NO
Austria drivers license number NO
Austria identity card NO
Austria passport number NO
Austria social security number YES
Austria tax identification number YES
Austria value added tax YES
Azure AD client access token YES
Azure AD client secret YES
Azure AD User Credentials YES
Azure App Service deployment password YES
Azure Batch shared access key YES
Azure Bot Framework secret key YES
Azure Bot service app secret YES
Azure Cognitive Search API key YES
Azure Cognitive Service key YES
Azure Container Registry access key YES
Azure Cosmos DB account access key YES
Azure Databricks personal access token YES
Azure DevOps app secret YES
Azure DevOps personal access token YES
Azure Event Grid access key YES
Azure Function Master / API key YES
Azure IoT shared access key YES
Azure Logic app shared access signature YES
Azure Machine Learning web service API key YES
Azure Maps subscription key YES
Azure Redis cache connection string password YES
Azure service bus shared access signature YES
Azure Shared Access key / Web Hook token YES
Azure SignalR access key YES
Azure SQL connection string YES
Azure storage account access key YES
Azure Storage account shared access signature YES
Azure Storage account shared access signature for high risk resources YES
Azure subscription management certificate YES
Belgium driver's license number NO
Belgium national number YES
Belgium passport number NO
Belgium value added tax number NO
Brazil CPF number NO
Brazil legal entity number (CNPJ) NO
Brazil national identification card (RG) NO
Bulgaria driver's license number NO
Bulgaria passport number NO
Bulgaria uniform civil number YES
Canada bank account number NO
Canada driver's license number NO
Canada health service number NO
Canada passport number NO
Canada personal health identification number (PHIN) NO
Canada social insurance number NO
Chile identity card number NO
China resident identity card (PRC) number NO
Client secret / API key YES
Credit card number YES
Croatia driver's license number NO
Croatia identity card number NO
Croatia passport number NO
Croatia personal identification (OIB) number YES
Cyprus drivers license number NO
Cyprus identity card NO
Cyprus passport number NO
Cyprus tax identification number YES
Czech driver's license number NO
Czech passport number NO
Czech personal identity number YES
Denmark driver's license number NO
Denmark passport number NO
Denmark personal identification number NO
Estonia driver's license number NO
Estonia passport number NO
Estonia Personal Identification Code YES
EU debit card number YES
Finland driver's license number NO
Finland European health insurance number NO
Finland national ID YES
Finland passport number NO
France driver's license number NO
France health insurance number NO
France passport number NO
France social security number (INSEE) YES
France tax identification number YES
France value added tax number NO
Germany driver's license number NO
Germany identity card number YES
Germany passport number NO
Germany tax identification number YES
Germany value added tax number NO
GitHub Personal Access Token YES
Google API key YES
Greece driver's license number NO
Greece passport number NO
Greece Social Security Number (AMKA) NO
Greece tax identification number NO
Hong Kong identity card (HKID) number NO
Http authorization header YES
Hungary driver's license number NO
Hungary passport number NO
Hungary personal identification number YES
Hungary social security number (TAJ) YES
Hungary tax identification number NO
Hungary value added tax number NO
India permanent account number (PAN) NO
India unique identification (Aadhaar) number NO
Indonesia identity card (KTP) number NO
International banking account number (IBAN) YES
IP address NO
Ireland driver's license number NO
Ireland passport number NO
Ireland personal public service (PPS) number YES
Israel bank account number NO
Israel national identification number NO
Italy driver's license number NO
Italy fiscal code YES
Italy passport number NO
Italy value added tax number NO
Japan bank account number NO
Japan driver's license number NO
Japan My Number - Corporate NO
Japan My Number - Personal NO
Japan passport number NO
Japan residence card NO
Japan resident registration NO
Japan social insurance number (SIN) NO
Latvia driver's license number NO
Latvia passport number NO
Latvia personal code YES
Lithuania driver's license number NO
Lithuania passport number NO
Lithuania personal code YES
Luxembourg driver's license number NO
Luxembourg national identification number (natural persons) YES
Luxembourg national identification number (non-natural persons) NO
Luxembourg passport number NO
Malaysia identification card number NO
Malta driver's license number NO
Malta identity card number NO
Malta passport number NO
Malta tax identification number YES
Microsoft Bing maps key YES
Netherlands citizen's service (BSN) number YES
Netherlands driver's license number NO
Netherlands passport number NO
Netherlands tax identification number NO
Netherlands value added tax number YES
New Zealand bank account number NO
New Zealand driver's license number NO
New Zealand inland revenue number NO
New Zealand ministry of health number NO
New Zealand social welfare number NO
Norway identification number NO
Philippines passport number NO
Philippines unified multi-purpose identification number NO
Poland driver's license number NO
Poland identity card NO
Poland national ID (PESEL) YES
Poland passport number NO
Poland REGON number NO
Poland tax identification number YES
Portugal citizen card number YES
Portugal driver's license number NO
Portugal passport number NO
Portugal tax identification number YES
Romania driver's license number NO
Romania passport number NO
Romania personal numeric code (CNP) YES
Russia passport number domestic NO
Russia passport number international NO
Saudi Arabia National ID NO
Singapore national registration identity card (NRIC) number NO
Slack access token YES
Slovakia driver's license number NO
Slovakia passport number NO
Slovakia personal number YES
Slovenia driver's license number NO
Slovenia passport number NO
Slovenia tax identification number YES
Slovenia Unique Master Citizen Number YES
South Africa identification number NO
South Korea resident registration number NO
Spain driver's license number NO
Spain passport number NO
Spain social security number (SSN) YES
Spain tax identification number YES
Sweden driver's license number NO
Sweden national ID YES
Sweden passport number NO
Sweden tax identification number YES
Switzerland SSN AHV number NO
Taiwanese identification number NO
Taiwan passport number NO
Taiwan-resident certificate (ARC/TARC) number NO
U.K. electoral roll number NO
U.K. national health service number YES
U.K. national insurance number (NINO) YES
U.K. Unique Taxpayer Reference Number YES
U.S. bank account number NO
U.S. driver's license number YES
U.S. individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) YES
U.S. social security number (SSN) YES
U.S./U.K. passport number YES
Ukraine passport domestic NO
Ukraine passport international NO
X.509 certificate private key YES

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