Support matrices for Defender for Cloud

This article describes Azure services and client operating systems that are supported by Microsoft Defender for Cloud. For Azure cloud support, review this article

Security benefits for Azure services

Defender for Cloud provides recommendations, security alerts, and vulnerability assessment for these Azure services:

Service Recommendations free with Foundational CSPM Security alerts Vulnerability assessment
Azure App Service -
Azure Automation account - -
Azure Batch account - -
Azure Blob Storage -
Azure Cache for Redis - -
Azure Cloud Services - -
Azure AI Search - -
Azure Container Registry Defender for Containers
Azure Cosmos DB* -
Azure Data Lake Analytics - -
Azure Data Lake Storage -
Azure Database for MySQL* - -
Azure Database for PostgreSQL* - -
Azure Event Hubs namespace - -
Azure Files -
Azure Functions app - -
Azure Key Vault -
Azure Kubernetes Service -
Azure Load Balancer - -
Azure Logic Apps - -
Azure SQL Database Defender for Azure SQL
Azure SQL Managed Instance Defender for Azure SQL
Azure Service Bus namespace - -
Azure Service Fabric account - -
Azure Stream Analytics - -
Azure Subscription ✔ ** -
Azure Virtual Network
(incl. subnets, NICs, and network security groups)
- -

* These features are currently supported in preview.

** Microsoft Entra recommendations are available only for subscriptions with enhanced security features enabled.

Supported operating systems

Defender for Cloud depends on the Azure Monitor Agent or the Log Analytics agent. Make sure that your machines are running one of the supported operating systems as described on the following pages:

Also ensure your Log Analytics agent is properly configured to send data to Defender for Cloud.

To learn more about the specific Defender for Cloud features available on Windows and Linux, review:


Even though Microsoft Defender for Servers is designed to protect servers, some features are available on certain desktop operating systems. One feature that isn't currently supported for Windows desktop systems is Defender for Cloud's integrated EDR solution: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Next steps

This article explained how Microsoft Defender for Cloud is supported in the Azure, Azure Government, and Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet clouds. Now that you're familiar with the Defender for Cloud capabilities supported in your cloud, learn how to: