Quickstart: Get started with OT network security monitoring

This quickstart describes how to set up a trial plan for OT security monitoring with Microsoft Defender for IoT.

A trial plan for OT monitoring provides 30-day support for 1000 devices. Use this trial with a virtual sensor or on-premises sensors to monitor traffic, analyze data, generate alerts, understand network risks and vulnerabilities, and more.


Before you start, make sure that you have:

Identify and plan your OT solution architecture

We recommend that you identify system requirements and plan your OT network monitoring architecture before you start, even if you're starting with a trial subscription.

  • Make sure that you have network switches that support traffic monitoring via a SPAN port and TAPs (Test Access Points).

  • Research your own network architecture and decide which and how much data you'll want to monitor. Check any requirements for creating certificates and other details, and understand where on your network you'll want to place your OT network sensors.

  • If you want to use on-premises sensors, make sure that you have the hardware appliances for those sensors and any administrative user permissions.

For more information, see the OT monitoring predeployment checklist.

Add a trial Defender for IoT plan for OT networks

This procedure describes how to add a trial Defender for IoT plan for OT networks to an Azure subscription.

To add your plan:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to Defender for IoT and select Plans and pricing > Add plan.

  2. In the Plan settings pane, define the following settings:

    • Subscription: Select the Azure subscription where you want to add a plan. You'll need a Security admin, Contributor, or Owner role for the selected subscription.


      If your subscription isn't listed, check your account details and confirm your permissions with the subscription owner. Also make sure that you have the right subscriptions selected in your Azure settings > Directories + subscriptions page.

    • Price plan: For the sake of this quickstart, select Trial - 30 days - 1000 assets limit.

    For example:

    Screenshot of adding a plan for OT networks to your subscription.

  3. Select Next to review your selections on the Review and purchase tab.

  4. On the Review and purchase tab, select the I accept the terms and conditions option > Purchase.

Your new plan is listed under the relevant subscription on the Plans and pricing > Plans page. For more information, see Manage your subscriptions.

Next steps