Manage a dev box pool

To allow developers to create their own dev boxes, you need to set up dev box pools that define the dev box specifications and network connections for new dev boxes. Developers can then create dev boxes from the dev box pools they have access to through their project memberships.


To manage a dev box pool, you need the following permissions:

Action Permissions required
Create, delete, or update a dev box pool Owner or Contributor permissions on an Azure subscription or a specific resource group.
DevCenter Project Admin permissions for the project.

Create a dev box pool

A dev box pool is a collection of dev boxes that you manage together. You must have a pool before users can create a dev box.

The following steps show you how to create a dev box pool that's associated with a project. You'll use an existing dev box definition and network connection in the dev center to configure the pool.

If you don't have an available dev center with an existing dev box definition and network connection, follow the steps in Quickstart: Configure Microsoft Dev Box to create them.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the search box, enter projects. In the list of results, select Projects.

    Screenshot that shows a search for projects from the Azure portal search box.

  3. Open the project with which you want to associate the new dev box pool.

    Screenshot of the list of existing projects.

  4. Select Dev box pools, and then select Create.

    Screenshot of the empty list of dev box pools within a project, along with the Create button.

  5. On the Create a dev box pool pane, enter the following values:

    Name Value
    Name Enter a name for the pool. The pool name is visible to developers to select when they're creating dev boxes. It must be unique within a project.
    Dev box definition Select an existing dev box definition. The definition determines the base image and size for the dev boxes that are created in this pool.
    Network connection Select an existing network connection. The network connection determines the region of the dev boxes that are created in this pool.
    Dev box Creator Privileges Select Local Administrator or Standard User.
    Enable Auto-stop Yes is the default. Select No to disable an auto-stop schedule. You can configure an auto-stop schedule after the pool is created.
    Stop time Select a time to shut down all the dev boxes in the pool.
    Time zone Select the time zone that the stop time is in.
    Licensing Select this checkbox to confirm that your organization has Azure Hybrid Benefit licenses that you want to apply to the dev boxes in this pool.

    Screenshot of the pane for creating a dev box pool.

  6. Select Add.

  7. Verify that the new dev box pool appears in the list. You might need to refresh the screen.

The Azure portal deploys the dev box pool and runs health checks to ensure that the image and network pass the validation criteria for dev boxes. The following screenshot shows four dev box pools, each with a different status.

Screenshot that shows a list of dev box pools and status information.

Delete a dev box pool

You can delete a dev box pool when you're no longer using it.


When you delete a dev box pool, all existing dev boxes within the pool are permanently deleted.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the search box, enter projects. In the list of results, select Projects.

  3. Open the project from which you want to delete the dev box pool.

  4. Select the dev box pool you that you want to delete, and then select Delete.

    Screenshot of a selected dev box pool in the list of dev box pools, along with the Delete button.

  5. In the confirmation message, select Continue.

    Screenshot of the confirmation message for deleting a dev box pool.

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