Learning resources for Java developers

This part of the Java on Azure developer center provides links to many resources that can help you learn Java and related technologies. These technologies are all relevant to using Java with Azure, and can help you fill any gaps in your knowledge.

Learning path

If you're new to Java or to particular subjects within Java, take a look at the Java learning path. This learning path provides a list of resources ranging from basic to advanced subjects, and ending with some initial Java on Azure articles.

Books, cheat sheets, and certifications

To supplement these resources, you might consider reading some books or consulting cheat sheets for quick reference. For more information, see Books for Java developers and Cheat sheets for Java developers.

If you're already an expert on Java development, or when you become one, consider getting some Java certifications.

Hands-on learning

To learn more about Java on Azure using a hands-on approach, check out our learning path for Java on Azure. Also, be sure to visit Workshops and videos for more hands-on content featuring migration scenarios and Azure Spring Apps. This article also provides links to our YouTube playlist and to the SpringOne 2021 conference.

To understand the practical usage of Java on Azure, see our samples. If you run into issues, you can also troubleshoot with Azure OSS Developer Support.

Migrate to Azure

If you're thinking about migrating existing resources to Azure, see Migrate Java applications to Azure. You can also get help with your migration. For more information, see Get Java help from Microsoft.

Finally, for more information about technologies related to Java, see More resources.