AI services for Python apps on Azure

Azure AI services are cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) services that help developers build cognitive intelligence into applications without having direct AI or data science skills or knowledge. There are ready-made AI services for computer vision and image processing, language analysis and translation, speech, decision-making, search, and Azure OpenAI that you can use in your Python applications.

Because of the dynamic nature of Azure AI services, the best way to find getting started material for Python is to begin on the Azure AI services hub page, and then find the specific service you're looking for.

  1. On the hub page, select a service to go its documentation landing page. For example, for Azure AI Vision.

  2. On the landing page, select a category of the service. For example, in Computer Vision, select Image Analysis.

  3. In the documentation, look for Quickstarts in the table of contents. For example, in the Image Analysis documentation, under Quickstarts, there's a Version 4.0 quickstart (preview).

  4. In quickstart articles, choose the Python programming language if it exists or the REST API.

    If you don't see a quickstart, in the table of contents search box enter Python to find Python-related articles.

Also, you can go to the Azure Cognitive Services modules for Python overview to learn about the available Python SDK modules. (Azure Cognitive Services is the previous name of Azure AI services. The documentation is currently being updated to reflect the change.)

The documentation for Azure AI Search is in a separate part of the documentation: