Azure AI services documentation

Build cutting-edge, market-ready, responsible applications for your organization with AI.

Azure OpenAI

Perform a wide variety of natural language tasks


Speech to text, text to speech, translation and speaker recognition


Build apps with industry-leading natural language understanding capabilities


Translate more than 100 languages and dialects


Analyze content in images and videos

Custom Vision

Customize image recognition to fit your business


Detect and identify people and emotions in images

Anomaly Detector

Identify potential problems early on

Content Safety

An AI service that detects unwanted contents


Create rich, personalized experiences for each user

Bot Service

Create bots and connect them across channels

Document Intelligence

Turn documents into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost

Azure Cognitive Search

Bring AI-powered cloud search to your mobile and web apps

Metrics Advisor

Proactively monitor metrics and diagnose issues

Video Indexer

Extract actionable insights from your videos

Immersive Reader

Help users read and comprehend text