Upgrade from Azure Front Door Standard to Premium

Azure Front Door supports upgrading from Standard to Premium for more advanced capabilities and an increase in quota limit. The upgrade doesn't cause any downtime to your services or applications. For more information about the differences between Standard and Premium, see Tier comparison.

This article walks you through how to perform the tier upgrade for an Azure Front Door Standard profile. Once upgraded, you're charged for the Azure Front Door Premium monthly base fee at an hourly rate.


Downgrading from Premium to Standard isn't supported.


Confirm you have an Azure Front Door Standard profile available in your subscription to upgrade.

Upgrade tier

  1. Go to the Azure Front Door Standard profile you want to upgrade and select Configuration from under Settings.

    Screenshot of the configuration button under settings for a Front Door standard profile.

  2. Select Upgrade to begin the upgrade process. If you don't have any WAF policies associated to your Front Door Standard profile, then you're prompted with a confirmation to proceed with the upgrade.

    Screenshot of the upgrade button on the configuration page a Front Door Standard profile.

  3. If you have WAF policies associated to the Front Door Standard profile, then you're taken to the Upgrade WAF policies page. On this page, you decide whether you want to make copies of the WAF policies or use an existing premium WAF policy. You can also change the name of the new WAF policy copy during this step.

    Screenshot of the upgrade WAF policies page.


    To use managed WAF rules for the new premium WAF policy copies, you'll need to manually enable them after upgrading the Front Door profile.

  4. Select Upgrade once you're done setting up WAF policies. Select Yes to confirm you would like to proceed with the upgrade.

    Screenshot of the confirmation message from upgrade WAF policies page.

  5. The upgrade process creates a new premium WAF policy and associates it to the Front Door Premium profile. The upgrade can take a few minutes to complete depending on the complexity of your Front Door Standard profile.

    Screenshot of the configuration page with upgrade in progress status.

  6. Once the upgrade completes, you see Tier: Premium display on the Configuration page.

    Screenshot of the Front Door tier upgraded to premium on the configuration page.


    You're now being billed for the Azure Front Door Premium at an hourly rate.

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