Specify Marketplace images available to lab creators in a lab account


The information in this article applies to early versions of Azure Lab Services prior to the August 2022 Update. Newer updates to the service build upon lab plans instead of lab accounts.

As part of the August 2022 update, Azure Lab Services lab plans replace lab accounts. For new customers, learn how you can get started by creating a lab plan. For existing lab account customers we recommend that you transition from lab accounts to lab plans.

Beginning February 21st, 2023, you won't be able to create a Lab Account to use the service. If you have a new subscription, you will instead be able to create a Lab plan to use the service.

If you already have a Lab account, you can continue to use it and if you need additional lab accounts, as an exception, you can submit an Azure support ticket.

As a lab account owner, you can specify the Marketplace images that lab creators can use to create labs in the lab account.

Select images available for labs

Select Marketplace images on the menu to the left. By default, you see the full list of images (both enabled and disabled). You can filter for Status to be equal to Enabled or Disabled.

Screenshot that shows the Marketplace images page for a lab account.  The Marketplace images menu and status filter are highlighted.

The Marketplace images that are displayed in the list are only the ones that satisfy the following conditions:

  • Creates a single VM.
  • Uses Azure Resource Manager to provision VMs
  • Doesn't require purchasing an extra licensing plan

Enable and disable images

To enable one or more images:

  1. Check images you want to enable.
  2. Select Enable image button.
  3. Select Apply.

Screenshot of Marketplace images page for lab account.  A disabled image is selected from the list of images.

To disable one or images:

  1. Check images you want to disable.
  2. Select Disable image button.
  3. Select Apply.

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