What is NGINXaaS?

In this article you learn how to enable deeper integration of the NGINXSaaS service with Azure.

NGINXaaS delivers secure and high performance applications using familiar and trusted load balancing solutions. Use NGINXaaS as a reverse proxy within your Azure environment.

The NGINXaaS offering in the Azure Marketplace allows you to manage NGINX in the Azure portal as an integrated service. You can implement NGINXaaS as a monitoring solution for your cloud workloads through a streamlined workflow.

You can set up the NGINXaaS resources through a resource provider named Nginx.NginxPlus. You can create and manage NGINXaaS resources through the Azure portal. NGINX owns and runs the software as a service (SaaS) application including the NGINX accounts created.

Here are the key capabilities provided by the NGINXaaS integration:

  • Seamless onboarding of NGINXaaS software as an integrated service on Azure.
  • Unified billing of NGINXaaS through Azure monthly billing.
  • Single-Sign on to NGINXaaS - No separate sign-up needed from NGINX portal.
  • Lift and Shift config files - Ability to use existing Configuration (.conf) files for NGINXaaS deployment.

Pre-requisites for NGINXaaS

Subscription owner

The NGINXaaS integration can only be set up by users who have Owner access on the Azure subscription. Ensure you have the appropriate Owner access before starting to set up this integration.

Find NGINXaaS in the Azure Marketplace

  1. Navigate to the Azure Marketplace page.

  2. Search for NGINXaaS listed.

  3. In the plan overview pane, select the Subscribe. The Create NGINXaaS form opens in the working pane.

Next steps

To create an instance of NGINXaaS, see QuickStart: Get started with NGINXaaS.