Learn quantum computing with the Quantum Katas

ka·​ta | kah-tuh

A pattern for learning, practicing and implementing new skills, methods and processes.

The Quantum Katas are open-source, self-paced tutorials and programming exercises that teach the elements of quantum computing and the Q# programming language at the same time. Each kata explores a fundamental concept of quantum computing, with some covering the basics and some diving deeper into quantum algorithms and protocols.

You can try the Quantum Katas online in the Quantum Katas site, or you can download the katas and run them locally on your computer.


If you want to accelerate your quantum computing journey, check out Code with Azure Quantum, a unique feature of the Azure Quantum website. Here, you can run built-in Q# samples or your own Q# programs, generate new Q# code from your prompts, open and run your code in VS Code for the Web with one click, and ask Copilot any questions about quantum computing.

Run the Katas online

The Quantum Katas are available to run online in the Quantum Katas site. This environment allows you to run the katas in your browser without installing anything on your computer.

The tutorials and exercises collected in the Quantum Katas emphasize hands-on experience to reinforce learning the concepts. The programming tasks cover a variety of quantum concepts which progress from very simple to quite challenging. For each task, you need to fill in some missing code; the first katas might require just one line, while later exercises might require a sizable fragment of code.

Most importantly, with the Quantum Katas you can run and validate your solutions to the exercises online. This allows you to get immediate feedback on your solutions and to reconsider your approach if it is incorrect.

  1. If you need a little help, you can click on Need a hint? to get a hint for the exercise.
  2. When you complete the exercise, click on the Run button to run the code in the kata. If you get stuck, you can click on Show solution to see the correct solution.
  3. At any point, you can Ask Copilot a question about quantum computing or Q#.
  4. You can check your completion rate and progress through the Quantum Katas in the My progress section.

Screen shot of the Azure Quantum website showing the Quantum Katas tutorials with Copilot.