Azure Remote Rendering tutorials

Welcome to the Azure Remote Rendering tutorials. In addition to learning key concepts of Azure Remote Rendering, these interactive lessons will walk you through viewing, manipulating, and customizing remotely rendered models and highlight considerations for building a secure, commercial-ready application.


These lessons are detailed and build up an example app over several steps. If you prefer to see a more compact example that can be deployed to a HoloLens 2 quickly, have a look at our Unity Quickstart.

Azure Remote Rendering Tutorials

We recommend that you complete the tutorials below in order as each tutorial builds on the previous one.

Viewing a remotely rendered model

In this tutorial, you'll create a basic application capable of viewing remotely rendered models using Azure Remote Rendering.

Interfaces and custom models

Next, you'll learn how to load your own models into Azure Remote Rendering and view them in your application. Viewing a remotely rendered model is a prerequisite for this tutorial.

Manipulating models

In this tutorial, you'll manipulate and interact with your remotely rendered models. We recommend you complete Viewing a remotely rendered model and Interfaces and custom models before this tutorial.

Refining materials, lighting, and effects

Next, we'll cover important concepts like modifying materials, altering the lighting, and applying effects to your remotely rendered models. Viewing a remotely rendered model, Interfaces and custom models, and Manipulating models are recommended prerequisites for this tutorial.

Securing Azure Remote Rendering and model storage

Here, you'll learn about securing your Azure Remote Rendering account and Blob storage. This covers the first steps to releasing a commercial application that uses Azure Remote Rendering. This tutorial assumes you've completed the lessons above.

Creating a commercial ready Azure Remote Rendering application

Lastly, we'll discuss some important considerations and tips for preparing a commercial application using Azure Remote Rendering. It's helpful if you've completed all the Azure Remote Rendering tutorials before checking out this resource.

Get started with Viewing a remotely rendered model.