Azure operational security checklist

Deploying a cloud application on Azure is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Before deploying an application, it's useful to have a checklist. A checklist can assist you in evaluating your application against a list of essential and recommended security actions.


Azure provides a suite of infrastructure services that you can use to deploy your applications. Azure Operational Security refers to the services, controls, and features available to users for protecting their data, applications, and other assets in Microsoft Azure.

To get the maximum benefit out of the cloud platform, we recommend that you use Azure services and follow the checklist. Organizations that invest time and resources assessing the operational readiness of their applications before launch have a higher rate of satisfaction than those that don't. When performing this work, checklists can be an invaluable mechanism to ensure that applications are evaluated consistently and holistically.


This checklist is intended to help enterprises think through various operational security considerations as they deploy sophisticated enterprise applications on Azure. It can also be used to help you build a secure cloud migration and operation strategy for your organization.

Checklist Category Description

Security Roles & Access Controls

Data Protection & Storage

Security Policies & Recommendations

Identity & Access Management

Ongoing Security Monitoring
  • Use Malware Assessment Solution Azure Monitor logs to report on the status of antimalware protection in your infrastructure.
  • Use Update Management to determine the overall exposure to potential security problems, and whether or how critical these updates are for your environment.
  • The Azure Active Directory portal to gain visibility into the integrity and security of your organization's directory.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud detection capabilities


Many organizations have successfully deployed and operated their cloud applications on Azure. The checklists provided highlight several checklists that are essential and help you to increase the likelihood of successful deployments and frustration-free operations. We highly recommend these operational and strategic considerations for your existing and new application deployments on Azure.

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