Configure SAP Transport Management System to connect from Microsoft Sentinel

This article shows you how to configure the SAP Transport Management System in order to successfully deploy the Microsoft Sentinel Solution for SAP.

SAP's Transport Management System is normally already configured on production systems. However, in a lab environment, where CRs often haven't been previously installed, configuration may be required.

If you get this error running the STMS_IMPORT transaction while preparing your SAP environment, you'll need to configure the Transport Management System.

Error while running STMS_IMPORT transaction

Configure Transport Management System

The following steps show the process for configuring the Transport Management System.


In production systems, always consult with a SAP administrator before making changes to your SAP environment.

  1. Run a new instance of SAP Logon and sign in to Client number 000 as user DDIC.

    Screenshot of logging into SAP as a D D I C account.

  2. Run the STMS transaction:

    Type STMS in the field in the upper left corner of the screen and press the Enter key.

  3. Remove the existing TMS configuration:

    1. In the Transport Management System screen, select More > Extras > Delete TMS Configuration, and select Yes to confirm.

      Screenshot of deleting existing T M S configuration.

    2. After deleting the configuration, you will be prompted to configure the TMS transport domain.

    3. In the TMS: Configure Transport Domain dialog, select Save.

    4. In the Set Password for User TMSADM dialog, define a complex password and enter it twice. Record the password in a secure location and select the green checkmark to confirm.

  4. Configure Transport routes:

    1. In the Transport Management System screen, select Transport Routes.

      Screenshot of configuring transport routes.

    2. In the Change Transport Routes (Active) screen, select Display <-> Change.

      Screenshot of displaying and changing transport routes.

    3. Select More > Configuration > Standard Configuration > Single System.

      Screenshot of changing a single system transport route.

    4. In the Change Transport Routes (Revised) screen, select Save.

    5. In the Configuration Short Text screen, select Save.

    6. In the Distribute and Activate screen, select Yes.

  5. Close the SAP application signed in to client 000 as DDIC, and return to the SAP application signed in to client 001.

Next steps

Now that you've configured the Transport Management System, you'll be able to successfully complete the STMS_IMPORT transaction and you can continue preparing your SAP environment for deploying the Microsoft Sentinel Solution for SAP in Microsoft Sentinel.

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