Map Data in Azure Synapse Analytics

What is the Map data tool?

The Map Data tool is a guided process to help users create ETL mappings and mapping data flows from their source data to Synapse lake database tables without writing code. This process starts with the user choosing the destination tables in Synapse lake databases and then mapping their source data into these tables.

For more information on Synapse lake databases, see Overview of Azure Synapse database templates - Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Docs

Map Data provides for a guided experience where the user can generate a mapping data flow without having to start with a blank canvas. Then you can quickly generate a scalable mapping data flow runnable in Synapse pipelines.

Getting started

The Map Data tool is started from within the Synapse lake database experience. From here, you can select the Map Data tool to begin the process.

Screenshot showing how to open an Map data.

Map Data needs compute available to assist users with previewing data and reading schema of their source files. Upon using Map Data for the first time in a session, you'll need to warm up a cluster. Screenshot showing debug clusters.

To begin, choose your data source that you want to map to your lake database tables. Currently supported data sources are Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 and Synapse lake databases. Screenshot showing sources.

File type options

When choosing a file store, such as Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, the following file types are supported:

  • Common Data Model
  • Delimited Text
  • Parquet

Create data mapping

Configure your data mapping with the source type you selected. Screenshot showing map data file configuration settings.


You can choose a folder or a single file. If you choose a folder you will be able to map multiple files to your lake database tables. If you choose a folder you are also prompted after selecting continue to include only specific files, if desired.

Name your data mapping and select the Synapse lake database destination. Screenshot showing naming and destination.

Source to target mapping

Choose a Primary source table to map to the Synapse lake database destination table. Screenshot showing Map data rules.

New mapping

Use the New Mapping button to add a mapping method to create a mapping or transformation.

Additional source

Use the Additional source button to join to and add another source to your mapping.

Preview data

The Data Preview tab gives you an interactive snapshot of the data of each transform. For more information, see Data preview in debug mode.

Mapping methods

The following mapping methods are supported:

Create pipeline

Once you're done with your Map Data transformations, select the Create pipeline button to generate a mapping data flow and pipeline to debug and run your transformation.