Map Control Concepts Reference - Native

The Bing Maps SDK allows you to display a map in your application. Below, you will find the major set of concepts and examples to help you get started.

Concept Description
Map Scenes and Cameras Easily update the current perspective of the map using Map Scenes and Cameras.
Map Elements Add different types of elements to your map with Map Icons, Polylines and Polygons.
Map Icons Add points of interest (POI) and other images to your map with Map Icons.
Display flyouts of pushpins Add a pop-up user interface to display additional information when a user taps on an icon.
Map Polylines and Polygons Add lines and shapes to your map with Map Polylines and Polygons.
Map Layers Use different types of layers to manage content added to the map.
Map Element Collections Manage collections of map elements on your map with Map Element Layers.
Tile Overlays Overlay large images -- such as traffic coverage or weather radar -- to your map with Tile Map Layers.
Map Style Sheets Update the look and feel of your map with Map Style Sheets.
Take action on map events Handle events that occur on your map.
User Interactions Enable / disable Pan, Rotate, Tilt, and Zoom user interactions.
User Location Show user's location on your map.