MapLocationMatchCode Enumeration

The geocoding level for each geopoint for a location returned from a geocoding request.

For example, a geocoded location with match codes of Good and Ambiguous means that more than one geocode location was found for the location information and that the geocode service did not have search up-hierarchy to find a match.

Similarly, a geocoded location with match codes of Ambiguous and UpHierarchy implies that a geocode location could not be found that matched all the provided location information, so the geocode service had to search up-hierarchy and found multiple matches at that level. An example of up an Ambiguous and UpHierarchy result is when you provide complete address information, but the geocode service cannot locate a match for the street address and instead returns information for more than one RoadBlock entity type value.


public enum MapLocationMatchCode


typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, MSMapLocationMatchCodes)
   MSMapLocationMatchCodeUnknown = 0,
   MSMapLocationMatchCodeGood = 1,
   MSMapLocationMatchCodeAmbiguous = 2,
   MSMapLocationMatchCodeUpHierarchy = 4



Bing Maps SDK was unable to parse the value in the response.


The location has only one match or all returned matches are considered strong matches. For example, a query for New York returns several Good matches.


The location is one of a set of possible matches. For example, when you query for the street address 128 Main St., the response may return two locations for 128 North Main St. and 128 South Main St. because there is not enough information to determine which option to choose.


The location represents a move up the geographic hierarchy. This occurs when a match for the location request was not found, so a less precise result is returned.

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