TileLayer Class

Represents a tile layer that can be overlaid on top of the map.


TileLayer(options: TileLayerOptions)


Name Type Description
metadata object Optional property to store any additional metadata for this layer.


The TileLayer class has the following methods.

Name Return Type Description
getOpacity() number Returns the opacity of the tile layer, defined as a double between 0 (not visible) and 1.
getTileSource() TileSource Returns the tile source of the tile layer.
getVisible() boolean Gets a boolean that indicates if the tile layer is visible or not.
getZIndex() number Gets the zIndex of the tile layer.
setOpacity(opacity: number) Sets the opacity of the tile layer. Value must be a number between 0 and 1.
setOptions(opt: TileLayerOptions) Sets options for the tile layer. Note that the TileSource can only be set when the tile layer is created and cannot be updated.
setVisible(show: boolean) Sets the visibility of the tile layer.
setZIndex(idx: number) Sets the zIndex of the tile layer.


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