TrafficManager Class

The TrafficManager class provides the ability to show traffic flow and incident data on top of the map. When creating an instance of the TrafficManager class the map must be passed as an argument to the constructor.


TrafficManager(map: Map)


Name Type Description
hide() Hides all traffic data.
hideFlow() Hides the traffic flow layer.
hideIncidents() Hides all traffic incidents.
hideLegend() Hides the traffic legend.
setOptions(options: TrafficOptions) Sets the options for the traffic manager.
show() Displays all traffic data.
showFlow() Displays the traffic flow layer.
showIncidents() Displays all traffic incidents.
showLegend() Displays the traffic legend.


The individual functions for hiding and showing traffic information has been added for backwards compatibility with V7. In V8 a setOptions function has been added which is a single function that can be used to hide/show multiple traffic features.