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Copilot is an AI assistant powered by language models, which offers innovative solutions across the Microsoft Cloud. Find what you, a technical professional, need to enhance your productivity, creativity, and data accessibility, and make the most of the enterprise-grade data security and privacy features for your organization.

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  • Step 1. Understand Copilot

    Learn how the integration of Copilot experiences within Microsoft platforms and products provide a more interactive and efficient digital workspace.

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  • Step 4. Build Copilot

    Build a custom AI copilot to create a personalized conversational AI experience using Microsoft Cloud technologies.

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Find resources about Microsoft Copilot for your role

Discover how Copilot is relevant to your role and explore these Microsoft Learn resources.

  • Administrator

    Let Copilot assist you in implementing your organization's cloud infrastructure.

  • App maker

    Use Copilot to help improve your ability to solve technical business problems.

  • Data analyst/Data engineer

    Empower your business to maximize the value of its data assets and analysis by putting Copilot visualization and reporting tools to work.

  • Functional consultant

    Make the most of Copilot to help people and organizations work through complex business challenges and create solutions that can drive success.

  • Partner

    Unlock a new era of productivity growth with Copilot.

  • Startup founder

    Learn how to put Copilot to work to improve every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Student

    Discover how Copilot can support you through your education journey.


Explore Microsoft Copilot documentation and resources for Copilot experiences in Microsoft products.

Discover Copilot video resources

Watch these short videos with experts to level up your work with Copilot and gain new skills.

  • Copilot for everyone

    Not sure where to start with Microsoft Copilot? Sharpen your prompting skills as we share our favorite use cases and walk you through them step-by-step.

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  • Prompt Copilot for scenarios

    Learn how Copilot can be used across Microsoft products to elevate productivity, boost creativity, and streamline workflows in this video.

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  • Copilot for Data Professionals

    Explore how Copilot can enhance and transform your data management and analytics in Microsoft products through the demos in this video.

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  • Copilot for IT Pros

    Understand Copilot in Azure and how to secure Copilot data with Microsoft Purview to enhance your IT environment in this video.

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