Azure Database Migration Guides

Step-by-step guidance for modernizing your data assets.

Recent customer case studies

Ferguson (United States)

Largest US plumbing wholesaler uses Azure Arc SQL Managed Instance to extend Azure services on-premises.

Clearsale (Brazil)

ClearSale builds foundation for growth and innovation by migrating to Azure with the Azure SQL Database hyperscale service tier.

Willis Towers Watson (United Kingdom)

Willis Towers Watson achieves seamless scalability in the cloud by migrating to Azure SQL Database.

Paychex (United States)

Paychex relies on Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools to handle explosive growth.

Innovative Systems (United States)

Innovative Systems unites its far-flung databases in the cloud by powering migrations using Azure Database Migration Service.

Capita Group (United Kingdom)

Capita Reading Cloud migrates 10,000 databases and finds new scalability with Azure.

Intershop (United States)

Intershop, an e-commerce leader, migrates to SQL Server and Azure SQL Database from Oracle, boosts product performance and opens markets.

Minecraft Realms (United States)

Minecraft Realms migrates from AWS to Azure with minimal disruption to the user base.

CCC Marketing (Japan)

CCC Marketing switched its data analytics infrastructure from Oracle to Microsoft Azure.