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ASCIIEncoding.IsSingleByte Property


Gets a value indicating whether the current encoding uses single-byte code points.

 virtual property bool IsSingleByte { bool get(); };
public override bool IsSingleByte { get; }
public override bool IsSingleByte { get; }
member this.IsSingleByte : bool
member this.IsSingleByte : bool
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property IsSingleByte As Boolean

Property Value

This property is always true.



Instead of using the IsSingleByte property to determine the size of a byte array for encoding operations and the size of a character array for decoding operations (for example, so that the size of the byte array is IsSingleByte * the number of characters to be encoded), you should call the GetByteCount or GetMaxByteCount method for encoding operations and the GetCharCount or GetMaxCharCount method for decoding operations. These methods takes the ASCIIEncoding object's replacement fallback strategy into account when calculating the required array size.

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