SiteMapProvider.SiteMapResolve Event


Occurs when the CurrentNode property is called.

 event System::Web::SiteMapResolveEventHandler ^ SiteMapResolve;
public event System.Web.SiteMapResolveEventHandler SiteMapResolve;
member this.SiteMapResolve : System.Web.SiteMapResolveEventHandler 
Public Custom Event SiteMapResolve As SiteMapResolveEventHandler 
Public Event SiteMapResolve As SiteMapResolveEventHandler 

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You can create a SiteMapNode representation of the currently requested page without implementing a custom site map provider by subscribing to the SiteMapResolve event. Subscribers attach a SiteMapResolveEventHandler object to receive notification when the CurrentNode property is called and can return a custom SiteMapNode object instead of the default one that is returned by the CurrentNode property.

For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events.

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