UpdatePanel.CreateControlCollection Method


Returns the collection of all controls contained in the UpdatePanel control.

 override System::Web::UI::ControlCollection ^ CreateControlCollection();
protected override sealed System.Web.UI.ControlCollection CreateControlCollection ();
override this.CreateControlCollection : unit -> System.Web.UI.ControlCollection
Protected Overrides NotOverridable Function CreateControlCollection () As ControlCollection


A ControlCollection object that consists of all controls that define the content of the UpdatePanel control.


The CreateControlCollection method is used by control developers.

Because this method is protected and sealed, it is visible to classes that inherit from the UpdatePanel class, but it cannot be overridden. This method overrides the base implementation to return a specialized ControlCollection object that throws an InvalidOperationException when the Add, AddAt, Clear, Remove, or RemoveAt method of the ControlCollection class is invoked. To change the content of the UpdatePanel control, modify the child controls of the ContentTemplateContainer property.

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