U.S. Year-End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This page contains the U.S. Payroll Year-End Download for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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2023 Year-End Changes - RELEASED

  1. There will be no changes to Payroll for Secure Act 2.0 (IRS Extended date to January 2026). If this is functionality you need in the product for automatically tracking of catch-up contributions for employees, please review Integrity Data Enhanced Retirement Plan for this additional functionality.

  2. The IRS is pushing for a business to file electronically, W-2, 1099, etc. Dynamics GP does not file Payables 1099's electronically. Review this blog to help you prepare for 2023 year-end and electronic filing: Microsoft Dynamics GP: 1099 Changes to Expect - Get Ready for Year-End 2023

  3. If you still print Payables 1099 forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP, with the October 18.6 release all Payables 1099 forms (DIV, INT, MISC and NEC) will print with lines. This is similar to what we did with the 1099-NEC form in the 18.5 release. You no longer need to purchase forms at year end!!

  4. Fixed Assets - luxury auto depreciation changes

  5. Form changes: Payables 1096 Summary

All you need to know about Year-End closing for each module and changes, check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2023 Year-End Blog Series.

Installation Instructions

  1. It is recommended to have a working backup of the following items before applying any patch file:

    a. DYNAMICS database
    b. All Company databases
    c. Reports.dic & Forms.dic - export the reports and forms through Customization Maintenance (Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance)
    d. eConnect PRE and POST Procedures if customized.

  2. The Year-End/Tax Update is inclusive of all previous hot fixes, service packs, and GP.

  3. The only supported upgrade path to the current release is from the release 1 year back from current in accordance with the Modern lifecycle


Release Date Download Version
11/16/2023 MicrosoftDynamicsGP18-KB4602608-ENU.msp 18.6.1695


If you use Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP, DO NOT install the US Year end update or use the November DVD image as an issue was found. You can use the October DVD image and wait till the Canadian Year end releases mid-December 2023.

Description Documentation File type (size)
2023 U.S. Year-End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP
(includes 18.6.1685 and previous versions).
W-2 Statement DataSource
MSP (188MB)

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Support Information

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