Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP

It is time to start planning the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP!


Review the information below to prepare for the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP .

Upgrade Paths

Upgrading From Patch Requirement for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Notes
16.00.0716 or later - Mid-Year - KB4099098 RTM or later Version 18.2.1013 Release 2016 Service Packs
16.00.0814 or later - U.S. Year-End - KB4528417 U.S. Year-End Version 18.2.1036
16.00.0814 or later - Canada Payroll Year-End - KB4533807 Canada Payroll Year-End Version 18.2.1036 SEE NOTE #4 below
16.00.0814 or later - Canada Payroll Year-End Rd 2 - KB4536494 Canada Payroll Year-End Rd 2 Version 18.2.1036
16.00.0814 or later - Mid-Year - KB4554939 Mid-Year Version 18.2.1100 or later OR 18.3.1173
16.00.0864 or later - U.S. Year-End - KB4569476 U.S. Year-End Version 18.3.1200 or later
16.00.0874 - January Hotfix - KB4569482 January Hotfix - Version 18.3.1233 or later
16.00.0885 - February Hotfix - KB4569488 February Hotfix - Version 18.3.1245
16.00.0901 - Mid-Year - KB4569495 Mid-Year Version 18.3.1290 or later
18.00.0496 or later - Mid-Year - KB4099101 RTM Version 18.2.1013 (October 2019) Release 2018 Service Packs
18.2.1013 RTM or later 18.3.1173 (October 2020)
18.3.1173 RTM or later 18.4.1361 (October 2021)
18.4.1361 RTM or later 18.5.1556 (October 2022)

Note: As an example of a supported (tested by Microsoft) upgrade path to 18.5.1556 (October 2022 Release) or 2022 Year-End would be from GP 2016 16.00.0864 or later and GP 18.3.1173 or later.

The only supported upgrade path to the current release is from the release 1 year back from current in accordance with the Modern lifecycle


1. Review a Complete List of Version information for all Microsoft Dynamics GP Products.

2. Check out the Upgrade Blog Series for all you need to know about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP!

System Requirements

1. View the System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP .

2. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not supported on Windows Server 2019, see BLOG for details.

Upgrade Resources

1. Download the Microsoft Dynamics GP DVD

2. Check out the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog for the latest news!

3. Upgrade SQL preparation scripts.

Critical Upgrade Notes

1. Obtaining your Microsoft Dynamics GP Registration Keys!!
Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Ready Licensing (BRL) or Module Based Licensing (MBL) Customers, current on their service plan, must contact their Partner to request their Microsoft Dynamics GP registration keys. Registration keys will not be visible in CustomerSource until an order has been placed and completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Perpetual Customers, current on their service plan, will automatically have their PartnerSource Business Center (PSBC) account and license keys upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Registration key is the same for Dynamics GP 2018 and Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2019 release (18.2) and later releases.

2. If you are doing an upgrade that includes Human Resource Solution Series products noted in the blog and you are upgrading from a version that is prior to 18.4.1361, you will need to first upgrade to 18.4.1361, then upgrade to a higher version of Dynamics GP.

Example: I am on a GP 2016 version, wanted to apply the 2022 or 2023 Year-end update, I should first apply the 18.4.1361 release (KB4576796), then upgrade to the desired year end update. or I am on GP 2018 R2, I need to upgrade to 18.4.1361, then apply the later hotfix, such as the July 2022 Hotfix or the next release of GP in October 2022.

If this is not done properly the new table script may not run and you will be missing critical tables need for the Human Resource Solution Series products.

3. If Web Services does not start on 18.2, there is a patch you need to install (Slip Stream) from DVD image.

4. New tables missing after upgrade to GP 18.2. Upgrading from certain builds of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 to Microsoft Dynamics GP (18.2) is not creating new tables. Example error you may get - Error when opening User Access SY60101 does not exist. Download and run the these scripts. Do the table script first, then the procs against the Dynamics (system) database.

Previous Version Upgrade Hot Topics for Microsoft Dynamics GP are Available at the following locations

Service Pack Downloads

1. Service Pack Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP .

Upgrade Supportability

1. Microsoft Dynamics Technical Support can assist with upgrades from a supported version according to the Software Lifecycle Policy for Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
For more information around Modern Lifecycle review What does Modern Lifecycle mean for Dynamics GP? - blog with Q and A

  1. Due to the length and potential complexity of upgrade cases, the following protocol is used to divide upgrade issues into separate technical support cases.
  2. Case 1 - Pre-Upgrade Question
  3. Case 2 - Installing Microsoft Dynamics GP and running the upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities on the company databases and the modified forms and reports.
  4. Case 3 - A potential issue in Microsoft Dynamics GP following the upgrade.
    NOTE: If the technical support cases were for a test upgrade and assistance is required for the live upgrade, a new case will need to be created to troubleshoot the issues for the live upgrade.

NOTE: above breakdown of Upgrade Cases still requires us to align with our overall policy of the definition of a support incident which can be found at the following location: What is a "Support Incident?

Support Information

For technical support questions, contact your partner or direct your questions to the Support for Business hub: https://serviceshub.microsoft.com/supportforbusiness/create

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