Report Customer Outages

When a customer has a situation where no users can sign in to Business Central, the admin must take immediate action. Outages are frustrating but rare. Make sure that the users are not unable to sign in due to problems with their network connection, for example. For more information, see How do I check my online service health? in the Power Platform administration content.

Internal and delegated administrators can report this outage to Microsoft by using the Report Production Outage action for the relevant production environment in the Business Central administration center. This action creates a support ticket for Microsoft with all the information that is needed to begin steps to resolve the issue.


This option is not available in sandbox environments.

To report an outage

  1. On the Environments tab of the Business Central administration center, choose the relevant environment to open the environment details.

  2. In the action ribbon, choose Support, and then choose Report Production Outage.

  3. In the Report Production Outage pane, choose the outage type:

    • Unable to sign in (all users)
    • Cannot access API/Web Service
  4. Enter your name, email address, and phone number. This information will be included in the support ticket.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. In the next pane, provide details about the outage, including which browsers users have tried to sign in with, any companies that you can sign into, and errors and correlation IDs. This information will be included in the support ticket.

  7. Finally, add the date and time when the outage began. This information will also flow to the support ticket.

  8. Choose the consent checkbox, and then choose Report.

A support request ticket is then created, and you will see a dialog box with the ticket ID. You can then monitor progress in the Reported Outages section. From there, you can access the tickets in the Partner Center. For more information, see the Microsoft Partner Center documentation.

Troubleshooting tools and guides

Business Central comes with many tools that can help you gather information about a given problem, identify the cause of the problem, and eventually implement a sustainable solution that does not introduce new issues. Use the tools provided in the Business Central client to gain insights on trends in application behavior, identify performance issues, database locks, and more. Use profiling combined with debugging in sandboxes, or snapshot debugging in production environments to pinpoint what causes a specific issue. And if you want to investigate and troubleshooting things after they happened, then use telemetry and the tools around that feature.

For more information, see Troubleshooting overview.

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