Configure your domain name

This article explains how to configure a domain name for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 e-commerce site.

Add domains during e-commerce initialization

To associate domains with your Dynamics 365 Commerce e-commerce environment, initialize e-commerce as described in Deploy a new e-commerce tenant. During initialization, you're asked to provide information that will be used to provision your e-commerce environment. In the Supported host names field, add all the domains that you plan to use with this environment. Multiple domains should be separated with semi-colon. In this way, the domains are configured in all the required Commerce components, and they are ready to be used when you switch traffic from your content delivery network (CDN) or web server and point it to the e-commerce front ends.

Add domains after e-commerce initialization

To associate new domains with your e-commerce environment after e-commerce initialization, follow the instructions in Add supported host names.

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