Understand scheduling entities

Scheduling entities are grouped under the following logical groups:


  • Resources
    Anything that needs to be scheduled can be termed as Resources. These resources can be personnel, crews, service centers, company assets (equipment), accounts, or contacts.

    More information: Create and set up bookable resources

  • Facilities/Equipment
    Facilities and equipment are resources you'd use to perform services for your customers. Facilities can be physical spaces like service bays or conference rooms and equipment could be tools or other assets.

    More information: Add facilities and equipment to schedule service

  • Resource Categories
    With Resource categories, you can group your bookable resources by type. For example, you can create categories like technician, supervisor, subcontractor, vehicle, or equipment.

    More information: Create and manage resource categories

  • Services
    To make scheduling services quick and easy, it's helpful to predefine the specifics of the services you'd provide to customers.

    More information: Create or edit a service

  • Service Activities
    Create a service activity by finding the next time resources are available for a service.

    More information: Schedule a service activity

  • Fulfillment Preferences
    Choose and customize how to display schedule assistant results, like with neat hourly appointments or morning and afternoon time windows.

    More information: Fulfillment preferences



  • Organizational Units
    Your company organizes its business by geography, function, or other areas. You can create organizational units that reflect your business.

    More information: Create and manage organizational units

  • Business Closure
    Prevent scheduling resources on holidays and other non-working days by defining business closures.

    More information: Set when your business is closed

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