Specify skills for resources

Characteristics are skills or attributes that resources possess. For example, they can be used to indicate a license or certification is needed for certain types of work.

Add characteristics to work orders to list skills a resource needs to complete the job. It helps finding the right resources that have the matching characteristics when scheduling the work order.

Add characteristics

  1. In Resource Scheduling, change to the Settings area.

  2. In the Resource section, go to Skills.

  3. Select New to add a characteristic.

  4. Provide a Name and an optional Description.

  5. Choose a Characteristic Type. You can choose between two options:

    • Skill: Classifies the characteristic as a skill that is rated with a proficiency level.
    • Certification: Choose between boolean true/false options for the characteristic.

Create a proficiency model

You can define rating values in a proficiency model that's used to indicate the skill level of a resource.

  1. In Resource Scheduling, change to the Settings area.

  2. In the Resource section, go to Proficiency Models.

  3. Select New to create a new model or select an existing model.

  4. Provide a Name for the rating model.

  5. Set a minimum and maximum rating value and Save the rating model.

  6. In the Rating Values section, select New Rating Value.

  7. Provide a Name and a Value.

  8. Save & Close the rating value. Add more rating values for your rating model.

Assign characteristics to resources

  1. In Field Service, change to the Resources area.

  2. In the Resource section, go to Resources.

  3. From the list, select a bookable resource name.

  4. In the Field Service tab, in the Characteristics section, select New Bookable Resource Characteristic.

  5. Find and select the required Characteristics and add a Rating Value for the resource.

  6. Select Save & Close.

Assign characteristics to work orders

  1. Open a work order.

  2. Select Related > Characteristics.

  3. On the Requirement Characteristic Associated View view, select Add New Requirement Characteristic.

  4. Choose the Characteristics, an optional Rating Value and the related Resource Requirement.

  5. Select Save & Close.