Overview of industry accelerators

Common Data Model enables horizontal consistency for customers' business data, making it easier for them to create value from that data. However, many customers and partners want solutions and platforms that are tailored for their industry. Microsoft is working closely with representatives from various industries to make Common Data Model more relevant to them, by creating industry accelerators.

Industry accelerators are foundational components within Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 that enable ISVs and other solution providers to quickly build industry vertical solutions. The accelerators extend Common Data Model to include new entities to support a data schema for concepts within specific industries. Microsoft is currently focused on delivering accelerators for the following industries, with others to come:

ISV opportunity view

Microsoft Power Platform and industry accelerators create a unique opportunity for ISVs to provide solutions for different scenarios and levels of development. This image shows the opportunities for ISVs who build on top of the platform and the industry accelerators.

ISV opportunity view.

As the image shows, ISVs have multiple opportunities to deliver industry-focused applications and solutions. These opportunities exist whether you're building directly on Power Apps (Dataverse) or Dynamics 365 apps. Each level further expands the opportunities at the next level above. The accelerators provide opportunities to rapidly build vertical, industry-focused apps, in addition to enabling system integrators to help scale and support these new apps and solutions.