Dynamics 365 government accelerator

ISVs, partners, and developers can use the Dynamics 365 government accelerator to build solutions for government organizations to advance their missions in the following areas:

  • Public finance
  • Public health and social services
  • Public safety and justice
  • Critical infrastructure

The accelerator acts as an information blueprint. It includes an industry-specific data model and building blocks for use in government business processes and applications.

The accelerator expands the Common Data Model to include a government data model with a standardized data schema. The schema includes tables, columns, metadata, and relationships to support government use cases, including programs, services, and benefits. This standardized data blueprint improves interoperability by unifying and shaping the data in a consistent form to use across applications, processes, and workflows in Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a shared understanding of the data, partners and developers accelerate their time to value to deliver mission-focused solutions for government agencies.

The government accelerator provides the following features to use for government organizations and agencies:

  • Government-specific extensions to Common Data Model (CDM), including a data model to support government segments.

  • A sample customizable app for government services, programs, and benefits. The app shows how Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 can use the data model to manage applications and approvals, and to transform government programs and services.

  • A sample customizable Power Apps portal for residents and businesses to apply for government services, programs, and benefits.

  • Front-office to back-office program and fund management that includes the following processes:

  • Partner and developer documentation on GitHub. The documentation includes reference guides, entity relationship diagrams (ERDs), and metadata documentation on the data model.

Industry data model for government

The government accelerator comes with an industry data model that you can use in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 and across the Microsoft technology stack. The data model is a combination of relationships to native tables and government-specific tables, including:

  • Government programs
  • Services
  • Benefits
  • Eligibility
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Grants

You can extend these data elements to build industry-leading, low-code or no-code applications on Power Platform. We built the government data model in collaboration with our partner and developer community. It's available as a standalone data model that ISVs and partners can use and build upon.

Tables and workflows

The government accelerator provides a data model to support the needs of government organizations in the areas of public finance, public health and social services, public safety and justice, and critical infrastructure.

  • Application
  • Application Process
  • Application Type
  • Building Permit Application
  • Business Grant Application
  • Business License Application
  • Government Organization
  • Grant
  • Housing Benefit Application
  • License
  • Permit
  • Program
  • Program Benefit
  • Program Eligibility Requirement
  • Program Participant
  • Program Type
  • Public Policy
  • Service
  • Service Recipient
  • Service Type
  • Recipient

Government connections

The government accelerator provides a better view of the different personas in a government organization who are involved in government programs and services. It includes a set of connections that provide a flexible way to connect and describe the relationships used in a government process or workflow. The following example connections are included in the government accelerator.

Connection roles from contact to service Connection roles from contact to program
Service Agent Program Coordinator
Service Deputy Program Manager
Service Manager Program Director

Government services app

The accelerator includes a customizable sample app, workflows, and dashboards that showcase canonical programs of government agencies, including grant management, housing assistance, building permits, and business licenses. The app shows how government agencies can manage applications, eligibility, and approvals of government programs, services, and benefits.

Government services app.

Government applications dashboard.

Government portal

The government portal provides a customizable sample portal for a fictitious Contoso County. The portal allows residents and businesses to apply for government services, programs, and benefits.

Government resident portal.

Additional resources

  • The government accelerator is provided as part of the open-source creative license, available on GitHub.

  • This Dynamics 365 blog post includes more info and partners working with us on the Common Data Model for Government.