Use Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Engagement is part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. It's built on Microsoft Power Portal, with the Nonprofit Common Data Model as its foundation. Volunteer Engagement complements Volunteer Management. With Volunteer Engagement, volunteers can:

  • Find and sign up for engagement opportunities
  • Track their engagement
  • Create and update their profile information

Key capabilities of Volunteer Engagement include:

  • Search for and view engagement opportunities: Volunteers can search for open engagement opportunities and view details.

  • Sign up for engagement opportunities: Volunteers can sign up for engagement opportunities directly from the portal, which sends the request to Volunteer Management.

  • Track volunteer hours and engagements: Volunteers can see how many hours they volunteered and their previous and upcoming engagement opportunities.

  • Manage profile information: Volunteers can update their profile information, which includes contact information, availability, preferences, and qualifications.

  • Easily track volunteer requests and profile changes: Volunteer managers can easily post engagement opportunities and track volunteer applications with seamless integration between Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement.

This article walks you through the main flows of Volunteer Engagement.

Set up portal

To deploy Volunteer Engagement, see Deploy Volunteer Engagement.

Create an account

A volunteer can create an account by selecting Login in the upper-right corner, or they'll be prompted to create an account when they sign up for an engagement opportunity. The organization sets up the account sign-in options during the portal setup. More information: Get started with configuring your portal authentication

View engagement opportunities

When volunteers come to your organization’s portal, they can view all engagement opportunities without logging in. They can see the short description, search by keywords, and sort by key information.

When volunteers select View Details, they can view a page with all the details of the engagement opportunity. The organization in Volunteer Management creates these details.

Volunteers can also see the schedule options but can't sign up until their application for the engagement opportunity has been approved.

Sign up for an engagement opportunity

Volunteers can sign up for an engagement opportunity by selecting the Apply Now button on the Details page. If the volunteer isn't signed in, the page will prompt them to sign in or create an account. For details on setting up the sign-in options, go to Deploy Volunteer Engagement.

If the volunteer is logged in, the application will be submitted, and the status will show Applied.

The volunteer’s request will be sent to Volunteer Management, where the volunteer manager can review and approve it. Once approved, the volunteer can sign up for a shift if there are different shifts. If you don't need to approve your volunteers, select Auto approve volunteers in the engagement opportunity post settings. In this case, when a volunteer signs up, they can select a shift right away. For more information about approving volunteers, go to Approve volunteers.

View engagements

When volunteers sign into the portal, they'll see My engagements in the primary menu (the navigation bar). The My engagements page provides volunteers with a view of their upcoming and past engagements, plus the total hours they volunteered with the organization and the total number of engagements they attended.

From this page, volunteers can see their application status. After application approval, volunteers can select the engagement opportunity to see the details and sign up for a shift.

This information originates from the contact record in Volunteer Management. For more information, go to Add a volunteer to an engagement opportunity.

Update volunteer profile

In the navigation bar, volunteers will see their names. They can select the drop-down arrow to update any part of their profile. Volunteers can update their name, address, contact information, availability, preferences, and qualifications. When volunteers update this information, the contact’s record in Volunteer Management will also be updated.

Customize portal for organization branding requirements

Each organization has its own branding guidelines that include color and font guidance. You can customize Volunteer Engagement to your organization’s branding needs by following the steps in Use a theme to create a custom look for your app.

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