List of rule categories and parameters

The list shows the parameters under each category that Best Practices Analyzer analyzes.

System Configurations

  • Memory (RAM)

  • Available Memory (RAM)

  • Operating system version

  • Hard Disk Space

  • Unified Service Desk version

  • Unified Service Desk Up time

  • Memory by Unified Service Desk process

  • Windows KB updates

    More information: System configurations

Internet Explorer settings

  • Tab Process Growth (TabProcGrowth)

  • Tab Shutdown Delay (TabShutdownDelay)

  • Enable Enhanced Protected Mode

  • Enable Automatic Crash Recovery

  • Enable Protected Mode

  • Cleanup HTCs

  • Internet Explorer version

    More information: Internet Explorer settings

Unified Service Desk configurations

  • Internal WPF Hosting Type

  • Actions Calls in PageLoadComplete Event.

  • Actions Calls with Events

  • Number of Navigation Rules

  • Show Script Errors (ShowScriptErrors)

  • Client Caching

  • Maximum Number of Sessions (maxNumberOfSessions)

  • Help Improve Unified Service Desk (HelpImproveUSD)

  • Internet Explorer Pooling (InternetExplorerPooling)

  • Activity Tracking Enabled

  • Diagnostic Tracking Enabled

  • Enable Exit Monitoring

  • Enable Crash Dump Generation

  • Internet Explorer Webpage Recovery (IEWebPageRecovery)

  • Process Termination Threshold (ProcessTerminationThreshold)

    More information: Unified Service Desk configurations

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