Microsoft Entra ID deployment plans

Azure Active Directory is now Microsoft Entra ID, which can safeguard your organization with cloud identity and access management. The solution connects employees, customers, and partners to their apps, devices, and data.

Use this article's guidance to help build your plan to deploy Microsoft Entra ID. Learn about plan-building basics and then use the following sections for authentication deployment, apps and devices, hybrid scenarios, user identity, and more.

Stakeholders and roles

When beginning your deployment plans, include your key stakeholders. Identify and document stakeholders, affected roles, and the areas of ownership and responsibilities that enable an effective deployment. Titles and roles differ from one organization to another, however the ownership areas are similar. See the following table for common and influential roles that affect any deployment plan.

Role Responsibility
Sponsor An enterprise senior leader with authority to approve and/or assign budget and resources. The sponsor is the connection between managers and the executive team.
End users The people for whom the service is implemented. Users can participate in a pilot program.
IT Support Manager Provides input on the supportability of proposed changes 
Identity architect or Azure Global Administrator Defines how the change aligns with identity management infrastructure
Application business owner  Owns the affected application(s), which might include access management. Provides input on the user experience.
Security owner Confirms the change plan meets security requirements
Compliance manager Ensures compliance with corporate, industry, or governmental requirements


Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) is a model for the participation by various roles to complete tasks or deliverables for a project or business process. Use this model to help ensure the roles in your organization understand deployment responsibilities.

  • Responsible - The people accountable for the correct completion of the task.
    • There is at least one Responsible role, although you can delegate others to help deliver the work.
  • Accountable - The one ultimately answerable for the correctness and completion of the deliverable or task. The Accountable role ensures task prerequisites are met and delegates work to responsible roles. The Accountable role approves work that Responsible provides. Assign one Accountable for each task or deliverable.
  • Consulted - The Consulted role provides guidance, typically a subject-matter expert (SME).
  • Informed - The people kept up to date on progress, generally upon completion of a task or deliverable.

Authentication deployment

Use the following list to plan for authentication deployment.

Applications and devices

Use the following list to help deploy applications and devices.

Hybrid scenarios

The following list describes features and services in hybrid scenarios.


Identity Governance and reporting

Microsoft Entra ID Governance enables organizations to improve productivity, strengthen security and more easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Use Microsoft Entra ID Governance to ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources. Improve identity and access process automation, delegation to business groups, and increased visibility. Use the following list to learn about identity governance and reporting.

Learn more:

Best practices for a pilot

Before making a change for larger groups, or everyone, use pilots to test with a small group. Ensure each use case in your organization is tested.

Pilot: Phase 1

In your first phase, target IT, usability, and other users who can test and provide feedback. Use this feedback to gain insights on potential issues for support staff, and to develop communications and instructions you send to all users.

Pilot: Phase 2

Widen the pilot to larger groups of users by using dynamic membership, or by manually adding users to the targeted group(s).

Learn more: Dynamic membership rules for groups in Microsoft Entra ID