Recipient filters for address lists in Exchange Online PowerShell

Recipient filters identify the recipients that are included in address lists and GALs. There are two basic options: precanned recipient filters and custom recipient filters. These are basically the same recipient filtering options that are used by dynamic distribution groups and email address policies.

  • Precanned recipient filters

    • Uses the required IncludedRecipient parameter with the AllRecipients value or one or more of the following values: MailboxUsers, MailContacts, MailGroups, MailUsers, or Resources. You can specify multiple values separated by commas.

    • You can also use any of the optional Conditional filter parameters: ConditionalCompany, ConditionalCustomAttribute[1to15], ConditionalDepartment, and ConditionalStateOrProvince.

    You specify multiple values for a Conditional parameter by using the syntax "<Value1>","<Value2>".... Multiple values of the same property implies the or operator. For example, "Department equals Sales or Marketing or Finance".

  • Custom recipient filters: Uses the required RecipientFilter parameter with an OPATH filter.

    • The basic OPATH filter syntax is "<Property1> -<Operator> '<Value1>' <Property2> -<Operator> '<Value2>'...".

    • Double quotation marks " " are required around the whole OPATH filter. Although the filter is a string (not a system block), you can also use braces { }, but only if the filter doesn't contain variables that require expansion.

    • Hyphens (-) are required before all operators. Here are some of the most frequently used operators:

    • and, or, and not.

    • eq and ne (equals and does not equal; not case-sensitive).

    • lt and gt (less than and greater than).

    • like and notlike (string contains and does not contain; requires at least one wildcard in the string. For example, "Department -like 'Sales*'".

    • Use parentheses to group <Property> -<Operator> '<Value>' statements together in complex filters. For example, "(Department -like 'Sales*' -or Department -like 'Marketing*') -and (Company -eq 'Contoso' -or Company -eq 'Fabrikam')". Exchange stores the filter in the RecipientFilter property with each individual statement enclosed in parentheses, but you don't need to enter them that way.

    • For more information, see Additional OPATH syntax information.

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