Introduction to game streaming

Use this topic to get started setting up your title for Xbox Game Streaming and Xbox Remote Play.

What is game streaming?

Today, there are more games, more devices, and more users playing games in new and interesting ways. With Xbox Game Streaming and Xbox Remote Play, you can bring the Xbox gaming experience to users wherever they are.

With Xbox Game Streaming, your game runs on an Xbox server in an Azure datacenter. The user is connected to the closest datacenter, and then the game plays on their client device. With Xbox Remote Play, your game runs on the user's Xbox console. The user connects directly to their home Xbox console, and then the game plays on their Windows PC or mobile client device.

While your game can be streamed with no changes, you might decide to make your game Cloud Aware. By using the Cloud Aware APIs, you can make your game optimize the user's experience for their chosen streaming environment.

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