directoryRole resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents a Microsoft Entra directory role. Microsoft Entra directory roles are also known as administrator roles. For more information about directory (administrator) roles, see Assigning Microsoft Entra administrator roles. With the Microsoft Graph, you can assign users to directory roles to grant them the permissions of the target role. To read a directory role or update its members, it must first be activated in the tenant. Only the Company Administrators directory role is activated by default. To activate other available directory roles you send a POST request with the ID of the directoryRoleTemplate on which the directory role is based. List directory role templates to get all the other available directory roles. Inherits from directoryObject.

This resource supports:

  • Using delta query to track incremental additions, deletions, and updates, by providing a delta function.


Method Return Type Description
Get directory role directoryRole Read properties and relationships of directoryRole object.
List directory roles directoryRole collection List the directory roles that are activated in the tenant.
Add member directoryObject Add a user to the directory role by posting to the members navigation property.
List members directoryObject collection Get the users that are members of the directory role from the members navigation property.
Remove member directoryObject Remove a user from the directory role.
Activate directory role directoryRole Activate a directory role.
List scoped members scopedRoleMembership collection List the members of this directory role that are scoped to administrative units, through the scopedRoleMembership resource collection.
Get delta directoryRole collection Get incremental changes for directory roles.


Property Type Description
description String The description for the directory role. Read-only. Supports $filter (eq), $search, $select.
displayName String The display name for the directory role. Read-only. Supports $filter (eq), $search, $select.
id String The unique identifier for the directory role. Inherited from directoryObject. Key, Not nullable, Read-only. Supports $filter (eq), $select.
roleTemplateId String The id of the directoryRoleTemplate that this role is based on. The property must be specified when activating a directory role in a tenant with a POST operation. After the directory role has been activated, the property is read only. Supports $filter (eq), $select.


Relationship Type Description
members directoryObject collection Users that are members of this directory role. HTTP Methods: GET, POST, DELETE. Read-only. Nullable. Supports $expand.
scopedMembers scopedRoleMembership collection Members of this directory role that are scoped to administrative units. Read-only. Nullable.

JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "description": "string",
  "displayName": "string",
  "id": "string (identifier)",
  "roleTemplateId": "string"