Product and Technical Support

If you experience a technical issue on the Volume License Service Center when trying to Sign In, register an Agreement, locate a volume license key or activate a service, then this VLSC FAQ is a great resource to help you resolve your issue yourself. And if you need assistance, our VLSC Contact Us details are provided at the end of each page.

The Volume License Service Center Support team will only be able to assist with technical issues or queries specifically relating to the VLSC and it is not the appropriate point of contact for advise on product capabilities and licensing solutions or for technical issues with the products themselves.

Licensing Solution and Program Licensing Advice

Please consult your Microsoft Licensing Solution Advisor/Reseller for advice on licensing options for Microsoft products and services, including:

  • Comparing product features or versions.
  • Options for your organization to purchase new or additional licenses.
  • Pricing, quoting, or ordering of new licenses.
  • For help with Licensing documents such as Product Terms and Online Services Terms (OST) and Licensing briefs.

Alternatively, our Microsoft Licensing pages includes information on our product licensing options as well as the various licensing programs available.

The Volume License Service Center is where customers who have already purchased licensing solutions manage those licenses.

Technical Support for Products and Services

For assistance with troubleshooting technical issues during product installation or online service activation, create a Microsoft technical support case.

A fee may apply, as complimentary technical support is not provided as part of volume licensing.

Often, customers can resolve issues without assistance by using self-help Microsoft technical documentation or technical support articles such as How to install Office 2019 installation files not found in VLSC.


The Volume License Service Center support team is unable to assist with technical support for products and/or services.

Installing Volume Licensing version of Office 2019

You won't find a full ISO Download file for Office 2019 on the VLSC. (Only Office Online Server has an ISO download). The installation files for Office 2019 are available on the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) instead.

The VLSC download catalogue does include the Office 2019 Deployment Tool, which can be downloaded and provides more information regarding installation of Office 2019.

For more information, IT Pros should review the Deployment Guide for Office 2019.

For non-IT Pros, the step by step content on How to install Office 2019 installation files not found in VLSC.

Converting Evaluation Version of Windows Server to a Full Volume License Version

When upgrading from an Evaluation Edition of Window Server, per the Windows Server Upgrade and Conversion Options for Windows Server 2016, it is possible to convert your evaluation version to a retail version and then convert you retail version to Volume Licensing version. While this is a bit more effort, both these upgrade paths are fully supported by Microsoft Technical Support.

Before you proceed, we highly recommend you consult the published Windows Server Installation and Upgrade documentation, including:

If you do need further assistance during product installation or activation, you can reach the appropriate Microsoft's Technical Support by creating a support case at

Converting Evaluation Version of SQL Server to a Full Volume License Version

It is possible to upgrade from an Evaluation Edition of SQL Server to a Production version without having to do a full install. To do this you need to perform an Edition Upgrade, which requires you to input a SQL license key, which is embedded in the software's activation wizard rather than displayed in VLSC. To source the key, download the SQL ISO file from the VLSC, and then go the ..\x64 folder and find the DefaultSetup.ini file. You should find your product key in that file". ( In the event that you have installed the evaluation version with a valid VLK ISO already, simply run the Installation Center, select the Edition Upgrade option and the VLK product key will automatically be detected).

Please be sure to back up your existing version and consult the published content on the SQL installation Process as well as the different supported upgrade paths from these SQL Server versions prior to attempting the upgrade.

If you do need further assistance with troubleshooting technical issues during product installation please note the VLSC Support team will not be able to assist as the team is not a product technical support team. Rather, you can reach the appropriate Microsoft's Technical Support by creating a support case at

Technical Support available to Software Assurance customers

Web-based Problem Resolution Support services is available to customers with Software Assurance for Standard, Enterprise, and Data centre Editions of server software, except for:

  • Academic Select License
  • Select Plus for Academic
  • Academic Open License
  • Campus and School Agreement
  • Open Value Subscription - Education Solutions
  • Open License - including Open Charity

Phone Support Incidents may be earned based on server and desktop SA spend under a qualifying agreement. See the Product Terms for details on both Web Based and Phone Support Incidents available under Software Assurance.

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.