LinkedIn Learning Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) allows your company's employees to sign into supported LinkedIn applications using their corporate credentials instead of their LinkedIn credentials.

Using SSO and integrating with an SSO provider is not required to use LinkedIn applications. If SSO is not configured, your employees can authenticate themselves using their current personal LinkedIn credentials or create a new member account.

The administrator for your organization account can configure your company to authenticate to LinkedIn Learning using SSO through integration with LinkedIn's enterprise platform, or can use a third-party Identity Provider (IdP).


  • Your company email account
  • Full administrator privileges
  • Identity Provider (IdP) administrative privileges

Why you Should Use Single Sign-On

  • Leverage your existing company's authentication
  • Better security when employees use your company's established password protocols rather than their individual accounts
  • Easier user management when employees leave your company

Supported SSO Protocols

LinkedIn Learning currently supports SAML version 2.0, LTI 1.0 and 1.1, and Google SSO.