Step 8: Add and assign an app

In this topic, you will use Intune to add and assign an app to your company's workforce. One of an admin's priorities is to ensure that end users have access to the apps they need to do their work.


Use the information provided in this series of topics to try and evaluate Microsoft Intune. When you're ready, follow the complete process to set up Intune. For more information, see Set up Microsoft Intune.

If you don't have an Intune subscription, sign up for a free trial account.


Sign in to Intune

Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center as a Global administrator or an Intune Service administrator. If you have created an Intune Trial subscription, the account you created the subscription with is the Global administrator.

Add the app to Intune

An app can be included so that Intune can manage aspects of the app.

Use the following steps to add an app to Intune:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Intune admin center, select Apps > All apps > Add.
  2. In the App type drop-down box, select Windows 10 and later from Microsoft 365 Apps.
  3. Click Select. The Add app steps are displayed.
  4. Confirm the default details in the App suite information step and click Next.
  5. Confirm the default settings in the App settings step and click Next.
  6. Select the group assignments for the app. For more information, see Add groups to organize users and devices.
  7. Click Next to display the Review + create page. Review the values and settings you entered for the app.
  8. When you are done, click Create to add the app to Intune.

Assign the app to a group

After you've added an app to Microsoft Intune, you can assign the app to additional groups of users or devices.


This evaluation step builds on previous evaluation steps in this series. Please see prerequisites in this topic for details.

Use the following steps to assign an app to a group:

  1. In Intune, select Apps > All apps.
  2. Select the app that you want to assign to a group.
  3. Click Properties. Next to Assignments click Edit.
  4. Click Add Group under the Required section. The Select group pane is displayed.
  5. Find the group that you need to added and click Select at the bottom of the pane.
  6. Click Review + save > Save to assign the group.

You now have assigned the app to an additional group.

Install the app on the enrolled device

End users must install and use the Company Portal app to install an app made available by Intune. You, acting as an end user, can use the following steps to verify that the app is available to the user of the enrolled device.

  1. Log in to your enrolled Windows 10 Desktop device.


    The device must be enrolled with Intune. Also, you must sign in to the device using an account contained in the group you assigned to the app.

  2. From the Start menu, open the Microsoft Store. Then, find the Company Portal app and install it.

  3. Launch the Company Portal app.

  4. Click the app that you added using Intune. In this topic you added the Microsoft 365 Apps suite.


    If you did not successfully assign any apps to the Intune user, you will see the following message: Your IT administrator did not make any apps available to you.

  5. Click Install.

If your business needs require that you assign the Company Portal app to your workforce, you can manually assign the Windows 10 Company Portal app directly from Intune. For more information see, Manually add the Windows 10 Company Portal app by using Microsoft Intune.

Next steps

In this topic, you added apps to Intune, assigned the apps to a group, and installed the apps on the enrolled Windows 10 Desktop device. For more information about managing apps in Intune, see What is Microsoft Intune app management?

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