Set up and manage content assembly in Microsoft Syntex

The content assembly service for Microsoft Syntex is set up in the Microsoft 365 admin center.



Before you can use content assembly in Syntex, you must first link an Azure subscription in Syntex pay-as-you-go. Content assembly in Syntex is billed based on the type and number of transactions.


You must have Global admin or SharePoint admin permissions to be able to access the Microsoft 365 admin center and set up content assembly in Syntex.

Set up content assembly

After an Azure subscription is linked to Microsoft Syntex, content assembly will be automatically set up and enabled for all SharePoint sites.

Manage sites

By default, content assembly is available for libraries on all SharePoint sites. To turn off content assembly on all sites, follow these steps.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Setup, and then select Use content AI with Microsoft Syntex.

  2. On the Use content AI with Microsoft Syntex page, select Manage Microsoft Syntex.

  3. On the Manage Microsoft Syntex page, select Content assembly.

  4. On the Content assembly page, select No libraries, and then select Save.