Try out Microsoft Syntex and explore its services

Microsoft Syntex (evolving to be SharePoint Premium) is a powerful tool that lets you do more with your documents. You can process, analyze, create, sign, manage, and enhance them with ease.

Through June 2025, your organization can use included monthly capacity for some of these services when you set up pay-as-you-go billing. It's a great way to try out Syntex capabilities, such as document processing, document tagging, and content assembly, to see how you can use them to streamline processes in your organization.

Get started

If you want to try some of these services, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Set up pay-as-you-go billing.

  2. Turn on the Syntex services you want to try.

  3. Start using the Syntex services.

Monthly included capacity

You'll get a limited amount of usage each month during the offering period. The following table shows the units of service and capacity limits your organization can use at no charge for each month. Capacity limits shown are per tenant, not per user.

Service Units Monthly included capacity at no charge
Autofill columns Pages 100*
Content assembly Documents 50
Document translation Characters 1 million
eSignature Requests 5
Image tagging Images 2,500
Optical character recognition Pages 2,500
Prebuilt document processing Pages 100
Structured document processing Pages 100
Taxonomy tagging Documents 50
Unstructured document processing Pages 100*

*The monthly included capacity for autofill columns is shared with unstructured document processing for a total of 100 pages.

Monthly usage over the limitations will be billed as described in Pay-as-you-go services and pricing. This offering doesn't include capacity for Microsoft 365 Archive and Microsoft 365 Backup.

For ideas about how you might use Syntex services in your organization, see Scenarios and use cases for Microsoft Syntex and Get started driving adoption of Microsoft Syntex.