Sample apps

WebView2Samples repo

Sample apps that use WebView2 are available in the WebView2Samples repo, for various frameworks or platforms.

Article Sample Notes
Win32 sample app WebView2APISample Main sample; extensive.
Win32 sample app with Visual Composition WebView2SampleWinComp Windows Runtime Composition APIs leverage the Windows UI in Win32 app.
WebView2Browser (Win32 C++/JS) WebView2Browser repo Uses multiple WebView2 instances. A major sample; has its own repo.
WinUI 2 (UWP) sample app webview2_sample_uwp  
WPF sample app WebView2WpfBrowser  
WPF app with CDP extension WV2CDPExtensionWPFSample Use Chrome DevTools Protocol APIs in a WPF app.
WinForms sample app WebView2WindowsFormsBrowser  

These articles provide the specific steps to set up your machine and build, run, and update each sample.

Sample apps vs. completed Getting Started tutorials

The sample apps are the source of the sample code snippets that are shown in the API Reference docs and conceptual docs.

For some frameworks or platforms, the samples repo contains both a completed Getting Started tutorial and a sample app. These sample apps showcase more of the WebView2 APIs than the Getting Started tutorials.

Xbox WebView2 samples

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