Build in-meeting notification for Teams meeting

The in-meeting notification is used to engage participants and collect information or feedback during the meeting. Use an in-meeting notification payload to trigger an in-meeting notification. As part of the notification payload request, include the URL where the content to be shown is hosted.

An external resource URL is used to display in-meeting notification. You can use the submitTask method to submit data in a meeting chat.

The following image shows an in-meeting notification in the Teams desktop client:

Screenshot shows an in-meeting notification on Teams desktop.

You can also add the Teams display picture and people card of the user to in-meeting notification based on onBehalfOf token with user MRI and display name passed in payload. Following is an example payload:

       "type": "message",
       "text": "John Phillips assigned you a weekly todo",
       "summary": "Don't forget to meet with Marketing next week",
       "channelData": {
           onBehalfOf: [
               itemId: 0, 
               mentionType: 'person', 
           "notification": {
           "alertInMeeting": true,
           "externalResourceUrl": "<url>&height=<height>&width=<width>&title=<title>&completionBotId=BOT_APP_ID"
       "replyToId": "1493070356924"

Screenshot shows how a display picture and people card in Teams is used with in-meeting dialog.

Feature compatibility by user types

The following table provides the user types and lists the features that each user can access in meetings:

User type Scheduled meeting or Instant calendar meeting One-on-one call Group call Scheduled channel meeting
In-tenant Available Available Available Available
Guest Available Available Available Available
Federated or External Available Not available Not available Available
Anonymous Available Not available Not available Not available

Targeted in-meeting notification

Targeted in-meeting notification allows apps to send notifications to specific participants on a meeting stage. The notifications are private and are sent only to specific or targeted participants. Targeted in-meeting notification helps to enhance meeting experience and develop user engagement activities in Teams meetings.


Targeted in-meeting notification is supported for scheduled meetings, instant meeting (Meet now), one-on-one calls, and group calls.

In the following image, a meeting notification requesting payment is sent to one of the participants in the meeting. The meeting notification is only visible to the targeted participant:

Screenshot shows an example of a meeting notification sent to a targeted participant requesting for a payment.

Enable app manifest settings for targeted in-meeting notification

To send targeted in-meeting notifications, you must configure the authorization property and the name and type properties under the resourceSpecific field in the app manifest as follows:

"webApplicationInfo": {
    "id": "<<MICROSOFT-APP-ID>>",
    "resource": "https://RscBasedStoreApp"  },
  "authorization": {
    "permissions": {
      "resourceSpecific": [
          "name": "OnlineMeetingNotification.Send.Chat",
          "type": "Application"        }

Enable targeted in-meeting notification


You can only send a targeted in-meeting notification to 50 meeting participants in a single API call. If you want to send a targeted in-meeting notification to more than 50 participants, you must call the targetedMeetingNotification API again.

Targeted in-meeting notification can be triggered by user action.

To enable the targeted in-meeting notification:

  1. Retrieve the user IDs of the participants through Get participant API and Get members API.


    Targeted in-meeting notification doesn't support user IDs in the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) user ID format.

    The following is an example of a user ID: id=29:1I12M_iy2wTa97T6LbjTh4rJCWrtw2PZ3lxpD3yFv8j2YPnweY2lpCPPAn3RIOPP7rghfHauUz48I1t7ANhj4CA

  2. Include the user IDs in the request parameter.

    The following is an example of a request:

     POST /v1/meetings/{meetingId}/notification

    The following is an example of a payload:

      "type": "targetedMeetingNotification",
      "value": {
        "recipients": [ 
        "surfaces": [ 
            "surface": "meetingStage", 
            "contentType": "task", 
            "content": { 
              "value": { 
                "height": "300", 
                "width": "400", 
                "title": "Targeted meeting Notification", 
                "url": ""           
      "channelData": { // optional if a developer doesn't want to support user attributes.
        "onBehalfOf": [ 
            "itemid": 0, 
            "mentionType": "person", 
            "mri": "29:1mDOCfGM9825lMHlwP8NjIVMJeQAbN-ojYBT5VzQfPpnst1IFQeYB1QXC8Zupn2RhgfLIW27HmynQk-4bdx_YhA", 
            "displayName": "yunny chung"      } 

    Targeted in-meeting notification is enabled.

For more information on targetedMeetingNotification, see Targeted meeting notification API.

Code sample

Sample name Description .NET Node.js Manifest
In-meeting notification Demonstrates how to implement in-meeting notification using bot. View View View

Step-by-step guide

Follow the step-by-step guide to generate in-meeting notification in your Teams meeting.

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