Quick start guide

Get started with Live Share SDK using the Dice Roller sample, which is designed to quickly run a Dice Roller sample based on the Live Share SDK on your computer's localhost.

DiceRoller Sample


This guide walks through using Live Share locally in a browser. To learn more about using the SDK in a Teams meeting, try our Agile Poker tutorial.

Set up your development environment

To get started, install:

Build and run the Dice Roller app

  1. Go to the Dice Roller sample app.

  2. Clone the Live Share SDK repository to test the sample app:

    git clone https://github.com/microsoft/live-share-sdk.git
  3. Run the following command to go to the Dice Roller sample app folder:

     cd live-share-sdk\samples\javascript\01.dice-roller
  4. Run the following command to install the dependency package:

    npm install
  5. Run the following command to start the client and the local server:

    npm start

    A new browser tab opens a http://localhost:8080 url and the Dice Roller game appears.

  6. Copy the complete URL in the browser, including the ID and paste the URL in a new window or a different browser.

    A second client for your dice roller application opens.

  7. Open both the windows and select the Roll button in one window. The state of the dice changes in both clients.

    Dice Roller multiple tabs

    Congratulations you've learned how to build and run an app using the Live Share SDK.

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