Integrate existing third-party APIs

Microsoft Teams Toolkit allows you to access and use existing APIs for building Microsoft Teams apps. Your organization or a third party might have developed these APIs.

Add API connection using Teams Toolkit

Add a connection to an existing third-party API using the following steps:

  1. Open your Teams app project in Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

  2. Select Teams Toolkit from the Visual Studio Code activity bar.

  3. Select View How-to Guides in the DEVELOPMENT section.

    Screenshot shows the option to select View How-to Guides under Development.

  4. From the dropdown list that appears, select Connect to an API. You're redirected to the respective How-to Guide.

    Screenshot shows the selection of Connect to an API option in the View How-to Guides list.

    Development How-to Guide
    Connect to an API How to integrate API Connection with your Teams app

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